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Let us realize your vision!

Trauma Care Consult supports scientists at all stages of their project, from the lab to a ready to use application. With our vast experience in the translation of scientific discoveries into clinics we offer advice on anything that comes after an invention: making sure intellectual property is safe, regulations are being followed and the right economic partner is found to bring a product from bench to bedside.

  • Protection of intellectual properties
  • Compliance with regulatory guidelines
  • Finding a suitable economic partner

Although we can rely on a diverse network in national and international industry, we are always open to new collaborations! Contact us!

A selection of discoveries made or supported by Trauma Care Consult:   


a material wherein a thrombin receptor agonist peptide is covalently coupled to a biocompatible hydrogel matrix to promoting platelet-activated local hemostasis
patent number PCT/EP2016/070619


a non enzymatic isolation method for the enrichment of therapeutic cells derived from adipose tissue
patent number EP3239286A1, WO2017186795A1


a laser-engraved scaffold made from decellularized articular cartilage
patent number ЕР17173516.0

Silk scaffolds

a method for the production of three-dimensional silk products, involving partial disintegration by a silk solvent and subsequent re-stabilization with β-sheet induction  Product made of silk. Non-collapsing silk product
patent number  CN104822875A, EP2900861A1, US20150239944, WO2014049134A1

a method for the production of three-dimensional silk products, wherein a three-dimensional silk product is subjected to a degumming step for sericin-depletion, resulting in enhanced immunocompatibility
patent numbers: CN104822867A, EP2712947A1, EP2904134A1, US20150275398

Sprayer for fibrin glue

a sprayer for dispensing fibrinogen and thrombin to form fibrin glue immediately away from the sprayer, preventing clogging while ensuring accurate precise metering

patent number: US5759171A, EP1007142B1, JP4050323B2, DE69735954D1, WO1998013094A1