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Trauma Care Consult offers a broad spectrum of research tools and methods to solve research questions of any scale, from molecular biology up to preclinical models.

Molecular Biology

To understand the molecular basis of biological activity, research on gene expression and regulation as well as the role of intracellular proteins is performed. Plasmids are designed as potent tool for studying and manipulating genes. Examining cellular signal pathways can give valuable insights on potential therapeutic targets.

Cell culture and biology

Cells are an essential tool in regenerative medicine. To predict and direct cellular behavior, cell characteristics such as proliferation, differentiation potential or cell communication need to be understood. Moreover, new isolation methods are developed to gain high quality therapeutic cells.


Histology is one of the most important analytical methods in biology, pathology and tissue regeneration. Thin tissue sections are stained to visualize and identify composition and structure of the specimen. A broad spectrum of histochemical or immunohistological stainings offers a suitable option for any research question.


A variety of methods is available to visualize anything from cellular structures to complex tissues, in vitro and in vivo. Fluorescence or bioluminescence are used to determine cellular characteristics and behavior. Preclinical imaging techniques such as MRI, Laser Doppler imaging or optoacoustic imaging allow for long-term profiles of regeneration. ┬ÁCT produces high-resolution images that give insights into complex three-dimensional tissues.   

Preclinical models

As necessary step before transcending into a clinical trial, we offer careful planning, preparation, realization and evaluation of preclinical studies. Research on wound healing, ischemia, spinal cord injury, ectopic and orthotopic tissue regeneration or shock/sepsis can be realized in small or large animal models.